Microtechnique. Futuristique. Canique.

About us

Canique.com was founded back in 2017 by a software engineer with over 20 years of experience. Since then we have delivered microcontrollers to customers in whole Europe.
The products that are being sold in the Canique Online Shop, are developed in house. Hardware design, firmware/software development, measurements and test procedures are all part of our work. Due to the fact that we control the complete design, we can customize our products for big customers.

What can you expect from Canique products?

What does Canique mean?

In French some adjectives end with the suffix -ique, like for instance fantastique or futuristique. The founder's first name of this site is Can. You can interpret Canique as à la Can, that is in Can's way or even Can-ish. If you should happen to ask yourself: What is Can's way?

Striving for perfection.