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Canique Climat vs. Netatmo Smart Weather Station

We're going to compare 2 weather stations on the market and shed some light on the following topics:


Netatmo states a range of 100 meters without obstacles using the 868MHz frequency band.
Canique Climat states a range of 400 meters through free air using the 868MHz frequency band.

Accuracy of temperature and humidity

Netatmo states an accuracy of ± 0.3°C for temperature and ± 3% for relative humidity.
A german review on Amazon.de reports that the accuracy figures stated by Netatmo are not met, though.
Canique Climat states an accuracy of ± 0.2°C between 0°C and 60°C and ± 1.8% for relative humidity.

Internet Connection Required?

Netatmo states that a high speed internet connection is required, and public hotspots are not supported.
Canique Climat states that no internet connection is required if the gateway is being accessed from the local network.

Access to sensor data

Netatmo Weather Station provides an app for iOS and Android and an API in the cloud to access sensor data. There is no subscription fee.
Canique Gateway provides a webpage in the local network (HTTP), an MQTT server in the local network, and an HTTPS webpage at cockpit.canique.com. The local and remote webpages can be used from any device (mobile or computer). For the first 5 years Canique Gateway offers a free subscription for its cloud offering at cockpit.canique.com.

Battery Lifetime vs. Measurement Interval

Netatmo Outdoor module needs 2 AAA batteries and runs for max. 2 years according to its specs. The measurement interval is 5 minutes.
An Amazon.de reviewer reports that he had to change the batteries 3 times in 24 hours at low temperatures.
Netatmo additional indoor modules need 4 AAA batteries and run for max. 1 year according to their website. The measurement interval is 5 minutes.
Canique Climat needs 1 AA battery and runs for up to 10 years or 1 Lithium AA battery for a runtime of 20 years. Canique Climat's measurement/transmission interval is 30 seconds.

Measured parameters

Netatmo Weather Station measures: temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, CO2, sound level.
Canique Climat measures: temperature, humidity.

Third Party Integrations

Netatmo Weather Station integrates with Amazon Alexa/Echo and Apple Siri.
Canique Climat does not mention any third party integrations.


Netatmo Weather Station does not make any statements about encryption of 868 MHz radio traffic.
Canique Climat uses a 256 Bit AEAD cipher to encrypt 868 MHz radio transmissions and has replay attack prevention.

Maximum number of accessories per base station

Netatmo Weather Station allows for 5 modules (3 indoor, 1 rain gauge, 1 anemometer).
Canique Gateway allows for 20 sensors.

Price: 145-200 €

The Netatmo Weather Station Set consisting of an indoor sensor and an outdoor sensor costs 145€ at Amazon, or 190€ at Netatmo (04.01.2022).
A set consisting of 2 Canique Climat sensors (2x 50€) and 1 Canique Gateway (1x 100€) costs 200€ in total (04.01.2022).

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