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Canique Climat - Wireless thermometer / hygrometer for perfectionists

Canique Climat is a battery powered sensor, that measures temperature and relative humidity and wirelessly transmits the measurements to a base station. Canique Climat particularly stands out by its remarkably long battery lifetime, which is unsurpassed, and by its open data approach, which allows you to integrate the measurements into other systems.

Monitor temperature and humidity: whether at home in your freezer, at a warehouse or in an hospital. Whenever storage conditions need to be monitored or recorded, Canique Climat will do the job for you.
Use cases can be:

Telepathique: 400-800m Range

Canique Climat sends temperature/humidity data wirelessly to one of these base stations: Tests have shown that the open field range between Canique Climat and Canique Gateway is between 400 (internal antenna) and 800 meters (external antenna) using the 868MHz band using a max. transmission power of +13dBm.
By using the 868MHz band in Europe (or 433/915 MHz in other regions) Canique Climat outperforms any other sensor with respect to range that uses the 2.4GHz band (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth).

Économique: 10-20 years battery lifetime

One single 2500 mAh AA sized battery can power Canique Climat for 10 years at room temperature while measuring and transmitting temperature and humidity every 30 seconds via a Sub GHz wireless connection.
One single 3000 mAh AA sized non-rechargable lithium battery can power Canique Climat even for 20 years sending data once per minute.
Duracell rabbits hate us for this reason.
Read more about Canique Climat Battery Life.

Cryptographique: 256 Bit Security

Canique Climat encrypts data with a symmetric 256 bit AEAD cipher before sending it. The cipher used is state of the art: Chacha20-Poly1305. This way you can always be sure that the data has not been tampered with, is authentic and has not been decrypted by some other party. Furthermore there are countermeasures implemented against replay attacks.

Automatique: Automatic Gain Control

Canique Climat nodes adjust their transmission power automatically depending on the distance to the base station.
Every transmitted sensor information is acknowledged by the base station, and if necessary re-transmitted by Canique Climat.

± 0.2°C accuracy

Canique Climat uses a brandnew and topmodern temperature/humidity sensor that was released in early 2020.
Humidity is measured with a typical absolute precision of ± 1.8%.
Temperature is measured with a typical absolute precision of ± 0.2°C.

To see real-world accuracy figures, watch this Canique Climat accuracy test (on Youtube) showing 3 sensors next to each other along with their measurements.
During a further test where we put 5 Canique Climats very close to each other, the temperature difference between the lowest and the highest reading sensor was 0.06°C, and the relative humidity difference between the lowest and the highest reading sensor was 1% point.
For better accuracy at very low temperatures we can offer even better sensors on request.

Battery status monitoring

Battery status is measured with 1mV resolution every hour. You know when the battery voltage gets critical even before the battery knows it.

Canique Climat Pro with external measuring probe

The professional version - Canique Climat Pro - is operated using an external wired measuring probe, that helps measure air temperature and humidity in very inaccessible locations.

Unique: Highly customizable to your needs

For customers with high order quantities, special customization options could be:
  • Standalone mode: log temperature/humidity data to an SD card or internal flash storage
  • Automatic switching of a relay, based on temperature/humidity: for automatical control of fans, warning lights, valves, water pumps, garden irrigation etc.
  • Integration with any external system: messengers, home automation, voice control
You can get in contact for special customization options and integration with other systems.


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Comparison between Canique Climat and Netatmo Weather Station
Setting up Canique Climat and Canique Gateway
Datasheet (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a rechargeable AA battery with Canique Climat?
Yes, technically this is perfectly possible. The calculation of the battery percentage in the Web Cockpit is designed for non-rechargeable batteries, though. Hence you'd see an almost full battery although the battery is fully charged, and when the battery is almost empty, you'd still get some capacity displayed.
We do not recommend rechargable batteries for Canique Climat for economic reasons because the use of (expensive) rechargeable batteries makes sense in devices where the battery needs to be changed often. With Canique Climat changing the battery is not an issue (a matter of decades) so probably you will find a better use for a rechargeable battery.
When do you recommend to use the Energizer Lithium battery with Canique Climat?
If you are going to monitor a freezer e.g., if temperatures are below 0°C for a prolonged time, or if changing the battery after 10 years is too cost-intensive for you, then we recommend the use of an Energizer Lithium battery.
For all other cases, we recommend Alkaline batteries for cost reasons.
How should I mount Canique Climat for good signal quality?
If you mount the box lengthwise, the radio signal will radiate in all directions except up and down. If Canique Gateway and Canique Climat are on the same floor, we recommend a 90° angle (straight up) for the Gateway antenna and a lengthwise installation for Canique Climat. This way both their antennas will be parallel to each other.
Do I need to do some sort of pairing or setup between Canique Gateway and Canique Climat?
If you order all items in one order, then we'll do this for you.
If you order further Canique Climat sensors at a later point in time, then you need to enter their radio transmission keys on the Canique Local Cockpit website. Otherwise the Gateway will not be able to decrypt their messages.

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