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Canique Ambience is a very precise and secure wireless sensor, which, depending on the configuration, can measure and wirelessly transmit the following data:

  1. Temperature and relative humidity
  2. Reed contact status or status of a switch
  3. Pulse count (from wind gauges/anemometers, rain gauges, water meters, fans with tacho signal output etc.)
  4. Barometric pressure
  5. Orientation of the device and g-forces in 3 axis

To operate this device, you additionally need one of these base stations:

Availability of sensor data:

The measured data points are currently only available via MQTT. When operated with the Radio Hat for the Raspberry Pi, the data can be retrieved via the MQTT server of the Raspberry Pi. When operated with the Canique Pico Gateway, it will forward the data to an MQTT server of your choice.


  • Frequency band: 868 MHz
  • Range: up to 400 meters without obstacles
  • Hardware Revision: 1.3.x
  • Battery life time: 10-20 years
  • Transmission interval: 30 seconds
  • Datasheet (PDF)


The battery (1 AA battery is needed) is not included, but can be ordered separately in our shop:

What you get:

  • Canique Ambience with internal antenna

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Canique Ambience

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