Canique Climat is available.

The MK2  won't be available before 2023 due to the worldwide chip shortage.

The MK2 is an Arduino compatible board that is based on the Atmega328P.

It has an onboard RFM69W/RFM69HW transceiver but you can also order it without the transceiver.

You can order the MK2 with a u.FL connector to connect it to an external antenna via a cable, or you can just use the supplied straight wire antenna.

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What you get with this product:

  • Canique MK2 board with soldered onboard RFM69 transceiver (if ordered)
  • If RFM69 is included: a straight wire antenna of 8.6cm (868MHz) / 17.3cm (433MHz) length. Wire antenna is packaged separately. Not soldered.
  • 1x right angle 6 pin Header for the FTDI port, 2x straight 13 pin Headers for the output and input pins. Pin headers are packaged separately. Not soldered.

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Canique MK2

  • Brand: Canique
  • Product Code: MK2
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • 13.90€

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