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Canique MK2

The MK2 is an Arduino compatible board that is based on the Atmega328P. It has the same dimensions as the Moteino and almost the same board layout.
As the successor of the MK1 the Canique MK2 now offers support for U.FL connectors. Hence you can attach an SMA antenna to the MK2 via U.FL to SMA adapter cable.
The MK2 can be obtained with or without RFM69HW/RFM69W, with or without additional 4 Mbit flash memory and with or without voltage regulator.
It can be powered by a voltage of up to 13V (via the voltage regulator, input "VIN") or with 3.3V via the input "3.3".
Please bear in mind that the voltage regulator always draws current - even if you use the input "3.3". Hence you should order the MK2 without voltage regulator if you plan to run it with <= 3.3V.

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The MK2 has transmitted radio signals over a range of 1 kilometer in a test performed in November 2017.
Read more about the MK2 Range and how it was tested.


The MK2 generally is compatible to any other Atmega328P based board. For details about compatibility please consult the exact pin assignments (LED, RFM69 slave select etc.).
The MK2 is especially compatible to Moteinos since it shares the same pin assignments. That means that software that has been written for the Moteino can be reused as is for the MK2 - without any changes.

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