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Canique Switch - Nanopower Relay

Canique Switch is a relay board with an integrated latching relay that you can operate at only 3V. The board consumes almost no power when the relay is not switching. That is you can switch the relay on, and the board will only consume power while switching it on or off (for about 10 milliseconds) but after that operation the supply current is practically zero. The relay will retain the state that you left it in - even if you disconnect power entirely.
Canique Switch also solves the problem of initialization: if you don't know what state your relay is in, you can simply read the value of the feedback pin. It will tell you whether the relay is currently switched on or off.
Use cases can be:

Économique: 35nA typical power consumption

In sleep mode, while retaining the current relay state, Canique Switch consumes less than 35 nanoamperes from a 3V power supply.



Initialization / Sleep Mode:
Drive SET, RESET and ZZ pins low. Device will now be in Sleep Mode (current consumption will be in nano amp region). No current will flow through SET/RESET pins. Note that driving SET or RESET high will increase consumption due to integrated pulldown resistors.

Turning Relay on/off:
Drive ZZ pin high. Device will go out of sleep mode (current consumption will be in microamp region).
To turn the relay on: Drive SET pin to VCC voltage (3V), drive RESET pin low at the same time.
To turn the relay off: Drive RESET pin to VCC voltage (3V), drive SET pin low at the same time.
Wait for 10ms to give the relay time to switch. You can also monitor the FB (feedback) pin. It will go high as soon as the relay is on, and low when it is off.
Then repeat sleep procedure from above to enter sleep mode again.


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