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Canique MK1

Moteinos are Arduino compatible microcontroller boards with optional RFM69 radio module.
Since September 1st, 2017 we're offering the Moteino compatible board Canique MK1 in various configurations: With or without RFM69HW/RFM69W, with or without additional flash memory and with or without voltage regulator.
The Canique MK1 can be powered by a voltage of up to 13V (via the voltage regulator, input "VIN") or with 3.3V via the input "3.3".
Please bear in mind that the voltage regulator always draws current - even if you use the input "3.3". Hence you should order the MK1 without voltage regulator if you plan to run it with <= 3.3V.

Differences between Canique MK1 and Moteino R4


The MK1 is not available anymore - it has been replaced by the MK2.

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