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Canique MK3e - Microcontroller with LoRa support

The MK3e (e stands for efficient) is almost identical to the MK2 but has a more sophisticated power circuitry and supports a different set of RFM69 radio modules.
The MK3e can be obtained with RFM69HCW/RFM95/RFM96 and with or without additional 4 Mbit flash memory.
It can be powered by a voltage of ~4.1V-12V (via the voltage regulator, input "VIN") or with 3.3V via the input "3.3".
Please note that the MK3e usually draws ~2uA more power than the MK2 but is more flexible. While the MK2 draws extensive current at certain scenarios, the MK3e has the ability to shut down its voltage regulator automatically when powered via the 3.3V pin and thus manages to stay below 10uA in typical sleep scenarios.

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The MK3e generally is compatible to any other Atmega328P based board. For details about compatibility please consult the exact pin assignments (LED, RFM69 slave select etc.).
The MK3e is especially compatible to Moteinos since it shares the same pin assignments. That means that software that has been written for the Moteino can be reused as is for the MK3e - without any changes.

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